Friday, March 27, 2009

Featured eBook: Speeches of Daniel Hannan, MEP by Abbott ePublishing

Abbott ePublishing is proud to announce the publication today of “Speeches of Daniel Hannan, MEP.”

For any fiscal conservative, in any country, this eBook is a MUST HAVE collection of 51 of this 37-year-old's speeches in the European Parliament since 2005.

On March 24, 2009, surrounded by hostile fellow European Parliamentarians, Daniel Hannan made a heroic, articulate speech in which he confronted British Prime Minister Gordon Brown over his reckless spending and damaging economic policies, has become legendary.

He called Brown (with Brown in the room) “the devalued Prime Minister of a devalued Government," something many of his countrymen had been itching to say for months.

Literally overnight, Daniel Hannan, a little-known member of the European Union Parliament from the South East England district has become a conservative icon throughout the world. A YouTube video of his speech became the most watched political video in history on the video-sharing site (over 1.41 million as of Friday, March 27.)

But most people don't know that EVERY TIME he speaks, he stands up forcefully for universal conservative principles of free markets, individual freedom, smaller and more sustainable governments, free elections and self-determination.

Abbott ePublishing is offering this exciting collection for a remarkably low price, to spread the word about this incredible public servant and his timely message.

Price: US $3.99 / £2.43 (approx.)

Offered in Adobe .pdf and Mobipocket editions. Kindle-ready, readable on most handheld devices.

Abbott ePublishing is a Manchester, New Hampshire-based publisher of interesting, affordable electronic books. They can be found online at

Buy here: (Available in .pdf and mobipocket formats. Kindle-ready. Readable on your desktop or laptop with free eBook readers from Adobe and Mobipocket.)

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  1. This is now rising fast on YouTube and was the speech that preceded Daniel Hannan's:
    (The transcript is on the side bar)