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Did A Modern-Day #Nostradamus Predict #Trump's Rise (And Fall) Back In 2009? [Abbott ePublishing blog]

In January, 2010, Abbott ePublishing released an amazing eBook, "The Prophesies of Madame Mary Ordana for the 2010s." 

Ordana, a mysterious woman of Caribbean extraction, writes over 50 predictions, and does so with great specificity - rare for one who claims to be seeing into the future, since many tend to write in vague stanzas that could be easily interpreted as a "success" later on.

She dares to tackle plane crashes, royal deaths and births, missing children, the rise of new religions and the fall and death of well known ministers. 

The predictions were composed in 2009, and submitted for publication in January, 2010.

It's been speculated that she has already gotten some of her predictions right, such as her specific prediction that 2010 would be a "year of earthquakes," the crash of an Asiana Airlines plane in 2013, and her shocking description (in Stanza 8) of the death of two Hollywood actors - presumably Lauren Becall and Robin Williams:

"Two deaths at once, oh how sorrowful.
Old Hollywood cries.
One still dominated the screen
Another, aged, alone she dies."

Note that the eBook was published January 20, 2010, and these deaths occurred in the summer of 2014.

Ordana spends much time on politics, noting the rise and fall of governments, the death of old dictators and the appearance of new leaders, some of whom are demagogues or rogues.

This is, of course, the appropriate time to consider whether any of these Stanzas predicted the rise of Donald Trump, who is, at the time of this writing, the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party.

For example, Stanza 36 would tend to indicate a leader arising in the US but not succeeding, ultimately:

"The one who cries will make a power play
Before the statue, he holds a huge crowd’s sway.
“Freedom!” he cries but few hear,
As he reaches for the White House by using fear.
Attacked by both sides, he falls into the sea
Loved by some, but feared by many.
The demagogue fails in DC."

It may be that this refers to a one-time popular figure - TV personality and author Glenn Beck.

His cries of "Freedom" before a statue, and the fact that he is "the one who cries" (Trump has never cried in public, Beck has) may allude to his August 28, 2010 rally before the statue of Lincoln on the National Mall in DC.

This "Restoring Honor Rally" was seen by some as an attempt to "reach for the White House" and promote his possible future candidacy, though he made no such plans public, nor did he attempt it. Yet.

A possible reference to Pres. Trump may be Stanza 34, which could allude to a trade war with China in 2017.

"Stocks in this new year take another wild ride,
As China’s eye for investments begin to roam
A trade war is threatened, and stocks again slide
Before negotiations make their mark and calm the waters
Yet damage is done and millions will lose their homes."

Finally, an election bringing "great change" is mentioned in Stanza 5:

"Elections bring great change
New leader is well-read. 
The opposition wins
After old leader was handed his head."

While the election of Trump will likely bring "great change," (and his "Make America GREAT Again" seems to be alluded to in this wording) the fact that the new leader is "well read" would tend to discount Trump, who doesn't pretend to be a great reader. The "opposition" winning though would mean the Democrats, if this prediction even refers to the United States.

Could this "old leader" be 71-year-old Donald Trump? Could he be replaced by the (comparatively) well-read Vice-President Mike Pence? Or, it simply could mean that the Democrats will make gains in the 2018 Congressional Elections.

Time will tell! Check it out, and decide for yourself!

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