Thursday, December 31, 2009

NEW AeP eBook: Short Journeys: Flash Fiction by Stephen Abbott

Short Journeys is the latest eBook from Abbott ePublishing and it's a remarkably versatile collection of flash fiction stories featuring strange abilities, and how the protagonists deal with them, stories of the paranormal and otherworldly, time travel, and (a favorite subject of the author) people who can live for an extraordinarily long time (hint: it’s not as much of a blessing as one would think.)

You’ll also be treated to a mystery for you to solve and more than a few that plumb the depths of human terror.

Most of these 18 works are “Flash Fiction” stories, here defined as constituting stories of either exactly 500 or 750 words in length.

But as a bonus, a short-short story, The Cell, is included an appendix. It is a bit longer than the others, and is set to be adapted into an upcoming novel.

We hope you enjoy this collection, the first fiction selection by Stephen Abbott, published exclusively by Abbott ePublishing.

Offered for the rather incredible introductory low price of $3.99

Offered in Adobe .pdf and Mobipocket editions. Kindle-ready, readable on most handheld devices.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

NEW eBook: Napoleon Bonaparte: A Sourcebook

Napoleon Bonaparte: A Sourcebook; Abbott ePublishing BIONOTES Series by Abbott ePublishing

An epic man deserves an epic book. In this case, an epic eBook.

This 145-page eBook features contemporary and 20th century biographies, an extensive collection of quotations, several famous paintings and etchings, and a selection of rare poetry about Napoleon Bonaparte, a man who stormed into history and onto the world stage with military genius, political flair and with violence in the late 18th century and changed the face of Europe forever.

This awesome eBook is available exclusively at Abbott ePublishing for a low price, just $2.49! (For a very limited time.)

Great for history students or just students of history, this may be the first eBook that you treasure as if it was a leather-bound volume.

Buy here: (Available in .pdf format. Kindle-ready. Readable on your desktop or laptop with a free eBook reader from Adobe.)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Featured eBook: "The American Citizen's Handbook"

The American Citizen's Handbook by Abbott ePublishing

Compiled by Abbott ePublishing, The American Citizen's Handbook is a remarkable patriotic collection of American-themed poetry, music, and historic documents is a "must-have" for any American citizen or those seeking to become one.

The work is based loosely on the remarkable (and remarkably conservative) 1941 National Education Association handbook of the same name. It has been widely praised for its patriotism and optimism and for its usefulness as a reference work for teachers. It would be a great resource for homeschoolers, as well.

This inexpensive eBook features 170 pages of text and illustrations.

A gem to have in your computer or handheld device, this eBook is affordably priced for maximum distribution.

Buy here: (Available in .pdf format. Kindle-ready. Readable on your desktop or laptop with a free eBook reader from Adobe.)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Featured eBook: Speeches of Daniel Hannan, MEP by Abbott ePublishing

Abbott ePublishing is proud to announce the publication today of “Speeches of Daniel Hannan, MEP.”

For any fiscal conservative, in any country, this eBook is a MUST HAVE collection of 51 of this 37-year-old's speeches in the European Parliament since 2005.

On March 24, 2009, surrounded by hostile fellow European Parliamentarians, Daniel Hannan made a heroic, articulate speech in which he confronted British Prime Minister Gordon Brown over his reckless spending and damaging economic policies, has become legendary.

He called Brown (with Brown in the room) “the devalued Prime Minister of a devalued Government," something many of his countrymen had been itching to say for months.

Literally overnight, Daniel Hannan, a little-known member of the European Union Parliament from the South East England district has become a conservative icon throughout the world. A YouTube video of his speech became the most watched political video in history on the video-sharing site (over 1.41 million as of Friday, March 27.)

But most people don't know that EVERY TIME he speaks, he stands up forcefully for universal conservative principles of free markets, individual freedom, smaller and more sustainable governments, free elections and self-determination.

Abbott ePublishing is offering this exciting collection for a remarkably low price, to spread the word about this incredible public servant and his timely message.

Price: US $3.99 / £2.43 (approx.)

Offered in Adobe .pdf and Mobipocket editions. Kindle-ready, readable on most handheld devices.

Abbott ePublishing is a Manchester, New Hampshire-based publisher of interesting, affordable electronic books. They can be found online at

Buy here: (Available in .pdf and mobipocket formats. Kindle-ready. Readable on your desktop or laptop with free eBook readers from Adobe and Mobipocket.)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We're starting this blog on Day 2 of operations at Abbott ePublishing and we're already seeing some good activity on the site,

This blog will be a great way to connect with our customers, feature our signed authors and eBooks, and talk about e-publishing in general. We'll also be talking about the kinds of eBooks we would LOVE to be publishing, so if you're an author, keep checking back in to see what we're looking for!

To contact us, email us: "publisher at abbottepublishing dot com."

Or DM us at Abbott Media over on twitter at

Below is yesterday's Kick-Off news release telling folks a bit more about us.



Abbott ePublishing
Interesting, affordable electronic books.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009
CONTACT: Stephen Abbott, Publisher, Abbott ePublishing, publisher/at/

Launch of New ePublishing House, Abbott ePublishing;
Offers Affordable Electronic Books; Seeks Authors

MANCHESTER, NH - Abbott ePublishing, a Manchester New Hampshire-based publisher of electronic books, launched Tuesday, March 24, with the goal of offering “affordable, interesting eBooks” and competing with high-priced online eBook retailers.

Founded by Stephen Abbott, a public relations consultant, former newspaper reporter and writer, the new publishing house, which can be found online at, seeks to offer inexpensive eBooks in various formats.

Abbott ePublishing will give readers an affordable way to access electronic books, said Abbott.

“In a recession, people don’t have the money for a $15 or $20 book, and surely don’t have that kind of money for an eBook,, which carries few of the costs of electronically produced books,” said Abbott. “Abbott ePublishing offers books for under $10, and most for far less.”

The average price of an eBook on the site is currently around $4, he said.

“The launch of Abbott ePublishing comes at a time when the price of eBooks offered at major online retailers are rising, some to well over $15,” said Abbott. “That’s simply not the way for publishers to endear themselves to the reading public.”

The publisher launches with over 30 electronic book titles, in subjects as varied as Business & Money, Fiction & Literature, History, Humor, Inspiration & Self Improvement, Philosophy, Politics & Current Affairs, Religion & Spirituality, Science & Technology and Travel & Travel Essays.

Abbott ePublishing is currently seeking authors of eBooks in these subject areas. Authors receive a royalty rate of fifty percent of the sale price of their eBook. “That’s a greater royalty than nearly any other publisher, on or off-line,” said Abbott.

The debut line-up includes two books from the publishing house’s first signed fiction author, George Polley of Sapporo, Japan, who has written two books of animal short stories based loosely on Japanese folklore.

Abbott has also authored some eBooks that will be offered on the site, including a business book, “Hot Jobs for a Cold Economy: Service Businesses You Can Start for Little Cash” (to be published on April 15) and what he calls a “slightly off-the-wall book” of humorous sayings and quotations about Abraham Lincoln.

Most books on the site are offered in both Adobe .pdf (Portable Document Format) and mobipocket formats. Books in .pdf format can be read on a desktop or laptop with the free, downloadable Adobe Reader. All mobipocket formatted eBooks can be read with a downloadable Mobipocket Reader and are compatible with the Amazon Kindle e-reader and most handheld devices.