Sunday, January 29, 2012

Did Jimmy Carter REALLY Inspire a Religion??

It's TRUE!!

The Founder of a Taiwan-based religion was inspired, in part, by U.S. President Jimmy Carter to found his new faith, The T'ienti Teachings.

After a rare warlike statement by Carter during the outbreak of the Soviet's invasion of Afghanistan - threatening to defend Persian Gulf oil fields with nuclear weapons, if necessary - Lee YĆ¼ -chieh, then 80 years old, prayed night and day, pleading for God to avert this supposed immanent calamity. On Dec 21, 1980, he received a revelation and permission for the “reappearance” of the T'ienti Teachings. His faith focused on the prevention of nuclear war and the reunification of Taiwan and the Chinese Mainland.

We all know about Christianity, Judaism, Islam and even Buddhism. But those aren't the only religions in the world, by far. There are many others that have captured the imagination and devotion of many across the globe. some that are small, secretive and even mysterious.

"Secret Religions and Obscure Faiths" is a fascinating look at just a few of those strange, obscure and even secretive religions that our editor has come across in the past few decades. You might be amazed at the diversity and colorful nature of some of these incredibly obscure religions, and you might also be inspired to seek out some "secret religions" in your own neighborhood.

You will read about:

  • The religion that believes Jesus Christ has returned to Earth - as a Chinese woman in her 30s!
  • A Japanese "New Religion" that teaches its followers that "Life is Art" and celebrates life with an annual fireworks show that draws thousands of onlookers.
  • Three modern "Mystery Religions" that take their cues from the Ancients.
  • The religion that wants to bring back the Old Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient World - but with new names.
  • The humble German religious leader who spent a lifetime in jail but didn't want his followers to glorify him.
  • The faith that reveres a cup they believe to be the Holy Grail
  • And MORE!
80 pages in length (.pdf format) with a full introduction.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Does our old calendar need an upgrade?

Is our calendar perfect? Far from it. The number of days in each month are uneven, its quarters are unequal, and it's impossible to determine when on which day any random date will fall.

But it turns out, there are many, many other - arguably better - ideas to reform it.

For instance, there's the 13-Moon Calendar. Inspired by the ancient Mayan Long-Count calendar, this proposal to reform the current Gregorian calendar re-names all the months, and introduces other innovations, including an extra month, which approximates many ancient calendars.

The Symmetry454 Calendar is a proposal by a Toronto university professor. It features four exactly equal quarters of 28-, 35- and 28-day months, making it easier to compare fiscal quarters. It's beautiful symmetry contrasts with the chaotic Gregorian.

The 13-month "Sol" Calendar updates an Old Idea - the 13-month year tied to the lunar cycle. This calendar's 13 months are all 28 days long, making it easy to remember the length of months. A leap year is added to the last month, December, and a new month, Sol, is added between June and July.

The New Earth Calendar is a bit of a hybrid - mixing the best elements of proposals like the Symmetry454 calendar and the 13 months of the Sol calendar.

Finally, the 30x11 Calendar is what its creator calls a "Gentle Update" of our current calendar. All of its months are 30 days long, except December, which rounds out the 365 or 366-day year with 35 or 36 days. It makes it incredibly easy to determine what day number each day on the calendar holds, and makes it easy to remember days.

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