Friday, August 24, 2018

Did A Woman In 2010 Predict The 2018 US/China Trade War? [Abbott ePublishing]

In January, 2010, Abbott ePublishing published a remarkable, and some would say, strange, eBook.

"The Prophecies of Madame Mary Ordana for the 2010s" purported to be the predictions of a hitherto unknown Caribbean woman for the coming decade. We received these in late 2009 and published them almost immediately 

If nothing else, they were beautifully written, and we'd be amused if some of them actually came true.

The shocking thing is - several of these predictions seem to have actually happened! 

And the speed at which her predictions are coming true may indicate that more of them will be coming to fruition as the decade ends!

For example, Stanza 36 seems to accurately predict the 2018 trade war between the US and China - nearly eight years before it happened!

"Stocks in this new year take another wild ride,
As China’s eye for investments begin to roam
A trade war is threatened, and stocks again slide
Before negotiations make their mark and calm the waters
Yet damage is done and millions will lose their homes."

And she often speaks of politics. Could she have been predicting a "Blue Wave" in the 2018 elections An election bringing "great change" is mentioned in Stanza 5:

"Elections bring great change
New leader is well-read.
The opposition wins
After old leader was handed his head."

While the election of Trump did bring "great change," (and his "Make America GREAT Again" seems to actually be spelled out in this wording) the fact that the new leader is "well read" would tend to discount Trump, who doesn't pretend to be a great reader.

And yet, the "old leader" (Trump is 72 in 2018) seems to also refer to Trump, and the "opposition" winning though would mean the Democrats, if this refers to the United States. Stay tuned for the November elections!

Some of her predictions have undeniably come true. Take for instance her specific prediction that 2010 would be a "year of earthquakes," the crash of an Asiana Airlines plane in 2013, and then there's this: Her shocking description (in Stanza 8) of the death of two Hollywood actors - presumably Lauren Becall and Robin Williams:

"Two deaths at once, oh how sorrowful.
Old Hollywood cries.
One still dominated the screen
Another, aged, alone she dies."

Note that the eBook was published January 20, 2010, and these deaths occurred in the summer of 2014.

She also handles the tech revolution of the 2010s in some of her predictions. 

Her 11th Prophesy seems to point to the rise of YouTube as an international phenomenon:

"The baby laughs, then cries,
The new car, just bought, flies,
A snake seems to dance
And unsuspecting, we see a budding romance,
New songs are sung,
Badly,but with voices far-flung
Across the globe, and they are seen,
Caught on the tiny screen,
Which becomes entertainment for millions."


The full version, which costs just $1.49! is available exclusively for immediate download on the Abbott ePublishing Website.

Monday, January 29, 2018

The Four "A's" of Being a Great Micropreneur [Abbott ePublishing]

Entrepreneurship is the way our economy grows, and becoming a "micropreneur," by running a small, one- or two-person business, is the way many companies begin.

But how do you know that you are you cut out for a certain business? Before you launch your micro-business, you need to consider many factors. Among them are these five key factors that can help determine whether you can effectively do the job you’re considering:

Aptitude - Are you suited to this job? Do you have what it takes? This is no small matter. If you aren’t a good “fit” for a job, you’ll regret it, probably right away - hopefully. It would be a shame to discover, months or years into a job that you simply aren’t “cut out” for a job. Questions to ask yourself: Do I have the right skills for this job? If not, can I develop them? What are my best skills? Do they match THIS particular job?

Attitude - Are you willing to put your all into the job? Will you feel great about going to work (even if "going" to work means going to a spare bedroom)? If you can’t approach the job with a good attitude, you shouldn't be doing it. Questions to ask yourself include: Do I feel good about doing this kind of work? Is this a “dream” job? Do I think it can it become a huge success, over time? Can I get up every morning "psyched" about this job?

Ambition - Do you want to achieve something great with this job? That’s an important, but often overlooked, question that few ask when considering a job or a new career. Ambition means more than wanting to dominate your field and be the pre-eminent practitioner of your career - but wanting to do that is a start! Ask yourself: Can I become the best in this field? Will I be able to earn the respect of my peers in this field?

Action Plan - Once you know what kind of business you’re going to pursue, having a plan is really the first step along the journey to success. If you start out without at least a basic roadmap, how will you know where you’re going? What goals can you reach without a plan? The likely answer to that question is “none.” If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail. Even a short, one-page “mini” business plan, outlining factors such as your mission statement, your plans for financing, a marketing strategy and short-term goals can help you from veering off-course. Ask yourself: What do I want to be earning in six months, a year, and two years? Who are my customers going to be? How much will I charge for my products and services?

If you  think you have what it takes to start a business, check out 40 Ways to Make a Fortune With Microbusinesses, an eBook exclusively from Abbott ePublishing. It will walk you through FORTY business concepts and give you great tips on starting each, including pitfalls and income estimates.