Monday, January 28, 2013

NEW eBook: "A Flash of Worlds - Sci-Fi Flash Fiction"

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Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013
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Abbott ePublishing  Announces Publication of “A Flash of Worlds - Sci-Fi Flash Fiction” by Stephen Abbott

NEW ENGLAND – Abbott ePublishing has published, “A Flash of Worlds - Sci-Fi Flash Fiction,” a new collection of Science Fiction writing by author Stephen Abbott.

The fifteen short-short “Flash Fiction” stories vary in length from 500 to 1,400 words, and feature time travel, alternate history, the paranormal, and the scientifically unexplained.

Abbott says his fiction writing is inspired by new scientific research into alternate realities and multiple universe theory, as well as his love of classic science fiction.

“There are places here you won't recognize, and mind-bending twists in SpaceTime that will make you wonder what's happening,” says Abbott. “The entire field of astrophysics and new theories of time and space have opened the fiction genre to new possibilities. The fact that many of these stories may actually have a basis in science FACT make the fiction even more incredible.”

This unique collection of Flash Fiction is offered at the low, introductory price of $1.99 at the Abbott ePublishing  website, Payment is via PayPal.

Abbott ePublishing was launched in 2009 as a New England-based publisher of original, affordable electronic books. They can be found online at


Thursday, January 17, 2013

A New Calendar - Some Great Ideas for Change

Is our calendar perfect? Few would argue that it is. The number of days in each month are uneven, its quarters are unequal, and it's impossible to determine when on which day any random date will fall.

But it turns out, there are many, many other - arguably better - ideas to reform it.

For instance, there's the 13-Moon Calendar. Inspired by the ancient Mayan Long-Count calendar, this proposal to reform the current Gregorian calendar re-names all the months, and introduces other innovations, including an extra month, which approximates many ancient calendars.

The Symmetry454 Calendar is a proposal by a Toronto university professor. It features four exactly equal quarters of 28-, 35- and 28-day months, making it easier to compare fiscal quarters. It's beautiful symmetry contrasts with the chaotic Gregorian.

The 13-month "Sol" Calendar updates an Old Idea - the 13- month year tied to the lunar cycle. This calendar's 13 months are all 28 days long, making it easy to remember the length of months. A leap year is added to the last month, December, and a new month, Sol, is added between June and July.

The New Earth Calendar is a bit of a hybrid - mixing the best elements of proposals like the Symmetry454 calendar and the 13 months of the Sol calendar.

Finally, the 30x11 Calendar is what its creator calls a "Gentle Update" of our current calendar. All of its months are 30 days long, except December, which rounds out the 365 or 366-day year with 35 or 36 days. It makes it incredibly easy to determine what day number each day on the calendar holds, and makes it easy to remember days.

All of these calendars - and MANY MORE - can be found EXCLUSIVELY on the new Abbott ePublishing eBook "A New Calendar for The World" available on the Abbott ePublishing website.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A New Calendar for the World - a new eBook from Abbott ePublishing

A New Calendar for the World
by Abbott ePublishing

In the wake of the 2012 "end of the world" Mayan Calendar hysteria came a genuine and healthy renewed interest in calendars.

Why do we use our current calendar, with its uneven months and odd leap year squeezed into February?

Now, exclusively from Abbott ePublishing, comes a book offering creative new changes that would revolutionize how we mark time. Forever.

Calendar Reformers are inspiring a new look at our Western calendar, which, after nearly 500 years, is outdated, confusing and seemingly out-of-sync with the way we live today.

This eBook will inspire you with the tenacity and genius of would-be calendar reformers and their often brilliant ideas. 

You'll read why past calendar reform attempts have failed, including those by the French and Russians, and you'll learn how the history of calendar reform has been fraught with frustration as well as great inspiration.

Get to know some EXCITING new calendar concepts, including:

  • The 13-Moon Calendar: Inspired by the Maya
  • The Symmetry454 Calendar: Beautiful Symmetry
  • The 13-month "Sol" Calendar: Updating an Old Idea
  • The New Earth Calendar: A Worthy Hybrid
  • The 30x11 Calendar: A Gentle Update of our Calendar
PLUS, you'll explore MANY incredibly creative, experimental "out-of-the-box" calendar reform proposals like the Metric Calendar, the Pentacontad Calendar practiced by the ancient Mesopotamians in the 3rd Millennium BCE, the 17-Month "Tree" Calendar, and the Fortnight Calendar.

These ALONE will inspire hours of creative discussion!

This EXTRAORDINARY eBook is offered in Adobe PDF format (which is readable with all eReaders and tablets and, with an Android Adobe app, on most Smartphones) for the low, low price of just $1.99!!

$3.99 Special Price: $1.99 (for a limited time)

Instant download upon payment.

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