Sunday, September 27, 2009

NEW eBook: Napoleon Bonaparte: A Sourcebook

Napoleon Bonaparte: A Sourcebook; Abbott ePublishing BIONOTES Series by Abbott ePublishing

An epic man deserves an epic book. In this case, an epic eBook.

This 145-page eBook features contemporary and 20th century biographies, an extensive collection of quotations, several famous paintings and etchings, and a selection of rare poetry about Napoleon Bonaparte, a man who stormed into history and onto the world stage with military genius, political flair and with violence in the late 18th century and changed the face of Europe forever.

This awesome eBook is available exclusively at Abbott ePublishing for a low price, just $2.49! (For a very limited time.)

Great for history students or just students of history, this may be the first eBook that you treasure as if it was a leather-bound volume.

Buy here: (Available in .pdf format. Kindle-ready. Readable on your desktop or laptop with a free eBook reader from Adobe.)