Thursday, December 31, 2009

NEW AeP eBook: Short Journeys: Flash Fiction by Stephen Abbott

Short Journeys is the latest eBook from Abbott ePublishing and it's a remarkably versatile collection of flash fiction stories featuring strange abilities, and how the protagonists deal with them, stories of the paranormal and otherworldly, time travel, and (a favorite subject of the author) people who can live for an extraordinarily long time (hint: it’s not as much of a blessing as one would think.)

You’ll also be treated to a mystery for you to solve and more than a few that plumb the depths of human terror.

Most of these 18 works are “Flash Fiction” stories, here defined as constituting stories of either exactly 500 or 750 words in length.

But as a bonus, a short-short story, The Cell, is included an appendix. It is a bit longer than the others, and is set to be adapted into an upcoming novel.

We hope you enjoy this collection, the first fiction selection by Stephen Abbott, published exclusively by Abbott ePublishing.

Offered for the rather incredible introductory low price of $3.99

Offered in Adobe .pdf and Mobipocket editions. Kindle-ready, readable on most handheld devices.