Thursday, March 29, 2012

Reinvigorate your Spirit!

Unsent Memos: Short Letters to Myself, from Abbott ePublishing, is a BEAUTIFUL collection of short "memos" that will touch you, reinvigorate your spirit and most importantly, help you on your journey towards a more peaceful, self-aware and whole life.
Exclusive to Abbott ePublishing, this original work is one of those books that comes along in your life that you really wish you had YEARS ago. 

Collected in short letter/memos, we believe this will be one of your best purchases this year!


 "I do wish I had this book a year ago, when I was going through my divorce. It helped me put things in perspective, helped clarify my life and find focus
 Thank you, UNSENT MEMOS!"

"When I was confused and in a deep depression recently, I opened up this eBook again and it brought light back into my life. Now I have the courage to go on." 

"These memos inspired me to journal again." 

"We all need a little clarification once in a while, and this eBook did it! I've bought eBooks for $12 and $20 before, but for such a small price, this book WAS MORE POWERFUL THAN ALL THE OTHERS I've purchased. BLESS YOU for publishing it!" 

This WONDERFUL eBook is available in .pdf format, easy to read on all eReaders and Smart Phones! 


WAS $4.99 NOW JUST $1.99! (instant download after purchase)