Saturday, May 2, 2009

Featured eBook: "The American Citizen's Handbook"

The American Citizen's Handbook by Abbott ePublishing

Compiled by Abbott ePublishing, The American Citizen's Handbook is a remarkable patriotic collection of American-themed poetry, music, and historic documents is a "must-have" for any American citizen or those seeking to become one.

The work is based loosely on the remarkable (and remarkably conservative) 1941 National Education Association handbook of the same name. It has been widely praised for its patriotism and optimism and for its usefulness as a reference work for teachers. It would be a great resource for homeschoolers, as well.

This inexpensive eBook features 170 pages of text and illustrations.

A gem to have in your computer or handheld device, this eBook is affordably priced for maximum distribution.

Buy here: (Available in .pdf format. Kindle-ready. Readable on your desktop or laptop with a free eBook reader from Adobe.)