Saturday, January 16, 2021

The Buck-Fifty KICK IN THE BUTT Is The Common Sense #eBook You Really NEED Today!

It's BACK! 

After a 12-month absence, Abbott ePublishing is reintroducing, by popular demand, the Buck-Fifty Kick in the BUTT! The book that offers real, practical advice for getting the MOST out of your life!

This incredible eBook contains simple life lessons that, when applied to our lives, make things run smoother, and enable us to withstand life’s “kicks.” 

And ironically, kicking OURSELVES in the butt can often be the first step towards getting the world’s problems off our backs. 

This eBook is for those who are in search of “common” knowledge that can often bring uncommon success. 

This amazing little eBook has knowledge that has been learned through many centuries, and is often forgotten. It applies this knowledge to today’s modern life. 

Once you possess it, you will have a set of principles and guideposts that few other people have ever learned.

Get this eBook for yourself.

Get this eBook for your kids.

Get it NOW - and start getting things RIGHT again! 

For More info, go to: Abbott ePublishing's "Buck-Fifty Kick in the Butt"