Monday, May 16, 2011

Was Libya's Revolution Predicted in January - 2010?

Does this sound familiar?

"As sanctions fail, Fire from the skies as the dictator lies,
Causing an attack that strikes fear in all.
Two missiles find their places, two others go awry,
As sirens wail on the ancient wall.
A great war, but short, and nations line up to take sides.
Revolution fails to stop the blood,
Talk of an invasion come to nothing."

If you think this sounds like Muamar Gaddafi and his antics in Libya, you would be right. If you thought it was written in the past three months, you'd be wrong.

It actually comes from the writings of a mysterious woman named Madame Mary Ordana, and it was published in a book of her prophesies by Abbott ePublishing in JANUARY, 2010 - a full 12 months before the revolutions in the Middle East began to rock the world and threaten to topple the dictator of Libya.

Her prophesies - over 50 in all - are astounding, highly detailed, and startlingly accurate. And, one must add, are written in BEAUTIFUL poetry.

She promised a "Year of Earthquakes" in "every land and sea" starting in 2010, and even one that would "destroy an Island nation." Whether one sees that as Haiti, or perhaps even Japan, her insight is startling.

Her eBook, which she insists on selling through Abbott ePublishing for JUST $1.99 is causing a sensation online and in the psychic community.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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