Monday, November 29, 2010

New eBook: Advent Messages of Hope for Harried and Hurting People by Patricia Cole Williams

Just published by Abbott ePubilshing: "Advent Messages of Hope for Harried and Hurting People" by Patricia Cole Williams

During the Christmas season, it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of shopping, wrapping presents and baking cookies that one forgets the true meaning of the holiday - to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

The Advent season is designed to refocus our lives on Christ. In this beautiful and moving eBook, Patricia Cole Williams presents a detailed package of prayers meditations that do just that.

From the introduction:

"Frankly, the whole idea of the holidays is so exhausting to many people that they dread what should be the most wonderful time of the year. Instead of looking forward in eager hope and exultant expectation, people are grumpy, unhappy, broke, focused on everything that’s wrong in their lives and families and the world. Really, it’s just too much for most of us. Many people would rather skip the holidays. Or they manage to soldier through, knowing that eventually January will come, bringing with it calm and ordinary days. I propose we stop."

This wonderful eBook is just $1.99!

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Sense: A Free Selection from the "A Flash of Worlds" eBook

Below is the Flash Fiction story "The Sense" - a selection from "A Flash of Worlds," an eBook of flash fiction stories by Stephen Abbott, published by Abbott ePublishing.

The Sense...

I first noticed my special sense when I was 12. The vision of a dog’s wail was like a wave washing over me. I was in my front yard and quickly called my mutt Fido. But as he ran to me, I heard the simultaneous clang of the trolley’s bell and the wail of my neighbor’s dog, Ralphie.

My eyes shot to the street, and thankfully, Ralphie had only had his tail sliced through by the trolley’s wheels. We renamed him “Lucky.”

The incidents continued throughout my youth. A person’s laugh in the cinema, the breaking of a glass, a horse throwing a shoe - I saw them all, seconds before they happened. I kept this all to myself.

One morning, I saw the newspaper headline and my father’s cry of outrage in my head even before I had made it down the stairs to the breakfast table. We were all shocked and angered by the sinking of the Lusitania, and soon, we were at war, and I was a doughboy, headed to France.

The journey was rough, and I was sick. Seeing myself sick in advance was not helpful, nor pleasant. We were marched to the front, and we relieved a weary division of Frenchmen who were at once happy to see us and resentful of the “Yanks” who, we were told, thought we knew everything.

One morning, as I was making my way through the labyrinth of trenches to deliver a message to a French general, the sense came over me, though it was at first unclear what was to happen. I entered a room carved into the trenches and the hair on my neck bristled. As I began to make my way down the stairs, I quickly turned, grabbed my colleague, and yelled “Get down!,” pushing him to the ground. Just then, the room erupted in fire as a shell hit from the ceiling, crushing several underneath the rubble.

As word of the incident, and my role in it, spread, I was taken to another hand-carved room along the trenches - “To await interrogation,” I was told by my French guard. The tall, arrogant French officer who soon arrived demanded to know what had happened, and why I had foreseen it. Was I a spy? I was asked. No, I replied, as I sat before him.

His long sword seemed wildly out of place in the trenches, and I saw a blurred vision of it knocking a glass from the table in front of me. As he turned, it happened, and I reached out to grab it before it fell.

He was stunned. My hands were bound behind me in the chair, and a French soldier hit me in the stomach. “Did you see that coming?” he said. “Yes,” I replied, “But I could do nothing to stop it.”

Just then, I saw another vision, and was pleased at the face I thought I recognized in the haze. “This will soon be all sorted out,” I said. “The general himself is arriving.”

“What general?,” the officer snarled, just as he looked up to see the door open with a sweating aide-de-camp exclaiming something hurriedly in French.

Following the now stiffly saluting aide was General “Black Jack” Pershing himself, who had heard of my heroics and was concerned for my welfare. The general and I soon left the room, and after a celebratory drink with him I will never forget, I was sent back to my comrades with a story I was accused of making up.

But evidence soon followed. My comrades were amazed at the lieutenants and captains who made daily trips to my division, asking for my pre-cognitions of their units’ fates. I couldn’t help them, of course, since the vision only happened to things and people around me, not in their divisions, miles away. The visits slowed.

Then one day, as I prepared to go on a raid of the enemy’s position, another captain arrived with some foolish question or another. Just then, I had the most powerful vision I had ever seen. The captain saw the changed look on my face, and asked what I had just seen.

I told him, “I am about to go over the top, and my right arm is going to be blown to bits,” I said. “And you are going to be hit by a shell and be killed where you stand.”

And you know what? I was right again.


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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A new chapter in your working life could begin TODAY!

Unemployment is higher than it’s been in 25 years. And to top it all off, it's been very hard to find a decent, good paying job. But there are some jobs that are really, really easy to start, with little cash, and offer the hope of not only being one’s own boss, but being able to make a bit of money in these depressed economic times.

Despite what the economists say, people still need basic services and are willing to pay a reasonable price for them. Sometimes, if marketed correctly, with a high level of personal service, and the price is right, even NON-basic luxury services can "sell" in this economy.

Passion is perhaps the most key element to starting your business. As founder and social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk says, "When you build a business around a passion, that's when you really hit it out of the park."

Abbott ePublishing's "Forty Ways to Make a FORTUNE with MicroBusinesses" outlines 40 such “instant” service business ideas that are well-suited to this economy, and are super-easy to set up.

Each of these jobs are simple to start, depending on your level of skill and ability to focus on the start-up with drive, vision and passion.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

BIG NEWS! Barnes & Noble's NOOK compatible with Abbott ePublishing eBooks

According to a news release on the Website, Barnes & Noble's NOOK eReader can be used to read PDFs (Adobe's Portable Document Format) from other sources. Of course that includes Abbott ePublishing's PDF-formated eBooks (we also sell mobipocket- and some ePub-formatted eBooks.)

That's good news for readers, since the NOOK's recently lowered price makes it an excellent, affordable hand-held eReader, and with Abbott ePublishing's low prices (most eBooks are under $5) it makes it easy to avoid higher priced eBooks - some of which are skyrocketing to $12 or more.

So fill up that device with affordable eBooks this summer!

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

JUST PUBLISHED: The Buck-Fifty Kick in the BUTT, 50 Life Lessons We Forgot Along the Way

The Buck-Fifty Kick in the BUTT, 50 Life Lessons We Forgot Along the Way by Stephen Abbott (Published by Abbott ePublishing)

Often, life can seem like it’s kicking you in the butt all the time. Whether it’s financial trouble, dissatisfaction at work, or a struggle with personal demons, it’s easy to throw up our hands and say "Why Me?"

It's easy, but it's wrong. There are simple life lessons that, when applied to our lives, make things run smoother, and enable us to withstand life’s “kicks.”

And ironically, kicking OURSELVES in the butt can often be the first step towards getting the world’s problems off our backs.

This eBook is for those who are in search of “common” knowledge that can often bring uncommon success. This book has knowledge that has been learned through many centuries, and is often forgotten. It applies this knowledge to today’s modern life.

Once you possess it, you will have a set of principles and guideposts that few other people have ever learned. That will give you an edge, and allow you to survive and thrive.

This AMAZING eBook is offered EXCLUSIVELY by Abbott ePublishing for just $1.50!

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Monday, June 14, 2010

How to Identify Your Next Business Opportunity

Forty Ways to make a FORTUNE with MicroBusinessesby Stephen Abbott for Abbott ePublishing

A remarkably timely book, "Forty Ways to Make a FORTUNE with MicroBusinesses" outlines forty of the easiest businesses you can start for just a little cash.

In this tough economy, these are the businesses that stand the test of time and may very well get you through some tough economic patches. Start them as part-time busineses and develop an empire!
This STRAIGHTFORWARD, ALL ORIGINAL, easy-to-read eBook evaluates 40 Instant Businesses that are in demand and easy to start - on a shoestring budget, too.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NEW eBook: The Prophesies of Madame Mary Ordana for 2010

The Prophesies of Madame Mary Ordana for 2010 is one of the most peculiar and interesting eBooks Abbott ePublishing has seen. If features predictions about:

* Earthquakes in the Carribbean, as well as the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
* Political changes
* Deaths of world leaders
* Missing children
* Career-ending scandals

It's all here, and all predicted by a mysterious Carribbean woman trained in the art of Vodoun and eager to share her gifts of prophesy and insight with the world.

Abbott ePublishing rushed this book into print before these startling prophesies started coming true!

This is perhaps the most detailed book of prophesies you will ever read, and unlike any other collection of prophesies, for Madame Ordana's beautifully written stanzas - many of them in rhyme, will stand or fall on their very obviousness and clarity. But they are so beautifully written, in fact, that many will enjoy them for their beauty alone.

WE WANT THIS eBOOK TO SELL WELL. So we're offering this beautiful eBook in pdf format for just $1!! That's ONE DOLLAR!

Offered in Adobe .pdf format. Kindle-ready, readable on most handheld devices, on laptops and desktops, and on the downloadable Adobe Reader.

Abbott ePublishing is a Manchester, New Hampshire-based publisher of interesting, affordable electronic books. They can be found online at

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

NEW: Ted Kennedy: Selected Statements & Speeches by Abbott ePublishing

Regardless of your political persuasion, Abbott ePublishing's new eBook, Ted Kennedy: Selected Statements & Speeches, will be a great addition to the eLibrary of any political junkie.

He was the Lion of the Senate - the third-longest serving US Senator in history, the Leader of Liberalism and the man who carried on the Kennedy Legacy until his death in August, 2009.

This Abbott ePublishing eBook contains his most important and memorable speeches and statements: from his moving eulogy of his brother Robert F. Kennedy, to his stirring call on behalf of liberalism - "and the dream shall never die" - at the 1980 Democrat Convention where his personal dreams of achieving the presidency lie shattered on the stage.

This is a selection of his prime statements and speeches, and while just a selection, it is amazingly complete:

Contents include:

* Announcement of Campaign for U.S. Senate March 14, 1962
* Maiden Speech on the Floor of the U.S. Senate April 9, 1964
* Eulogy for Robert F. Kennedy June 8, 1968
* Calling for an End to the Vietnam War: “Hamburger Hill” Speech May 20, 1969
* Address to the People of Massachusetts on Chappaquiddick July 25, 1969
* Remarks at the Dedication of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library Oct. 20, 1979
* 1980 DNC Speech “The Dream Shall Never Die” Aug. 12, 1980
* Faith, Truth and Tolerance in America Oct. 3, 1983
* “Star Wars” Speech. Brown University Commencement June 4, 1983
* Robert Bork’s America June 23, 1987
* Floor Statement Praising the Passage of the ADA Sept. 7, 1989
* Peace for the People of Northern Ireland Jan. 9, 1998
* Iraq: A War of Choice Sept. 27, 2002
* Remarks at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library April 28, 2007
* Standing Against Hate: Matthew Shepard Act Sept. 25, 2007
* 2008 DNC Convention Speech “And the Dream Lives On” Aug. 25, 2008
* Passing the Torch to a New Generation Jan. 28, 2008
* Statement at the Signing of the Serve America Act April 21, 2009

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Call for submissions: Sherlock Holmes Fan Flash Fiction Anthology

Did you love the new Sherlock Holmes film? Hate it? Think you could have done better yourself? Now’s your chance! Abbott ePublishing - the premier electronic publishing house online for interesting, affordable eBooks - is seeking entries for Sherlock Holmes Fan Flash Fiction stories for a new anthology.

These should be new mysteries and fiction based on the beloved Sir Arthur Conan Doyle character, each from 50 to 1,000 words each. They can be new mysteries, fiction, explorations of the characters in the Doyle books, letters or diary entries of Holmes, Watson or any other characters in the stories, including villains!

Your stories can be set in any time or in their original time period. They can be set any place in the world - or in the universe.

We will be accepting entries immediately and will cut off submissions when we have received 50 winning entries and will publish this anthology immediately.

Send submissions to publisher@abbottepublishing AS TEXT WITHIN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL. No attachments, please. Do not forget to include your name and location for attribution.

While there is no compensation for submissions, exceptional entries may be singled out to be expanded for publication as full-length eBooks with Abbott ePublishing. As an Abbott ePublishing author, you will receive royalties for every eBook sold.

The Game is Afoot! Good luck!