Saturday, January 2, 2010

Call for submissions: Sherlock Holmes Fan Flash Fiction Anthology

Did you love the new Sherlock Holmes film? Hate it? Think you could have done better yourself? Now’s your chance! Abbott ePublishing - the premier electronic publishing house online for interesting, affordable eBooks - is seeking entries for Sherlock Holmes Fan Flash Fiction stories for a new anthology.

These should be new mysteries and fiction based on the beloved Sir Arthur Conan Doyle character, each from 50 to 1,000 words each. They can be new mysteries, fiction, explorations of the characters in the Doyle books, letters or diary entries of Holmes, Watson or any other characters in the stories, including villains!

Your stories can be set in any time or in their original time period. They can be set any place in the world - or in the universe.

We will be accepting entries immediately and will cut off submissions when we have received 50 winning entries and will publish this anthology immediately.

Send submissions to publisher@abbottepublishing AS TEXT WITHIN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL. No attachments, please. Do not forget to include your name and location for attribution.

While there is no compensation for submissions, exceptional entries may be singled out to be expanded for publication as full-length eBooks with Abbott ePublishing. As an Abbott ePublishing author, you will receive royalties for every eBook sold.

The Game is Afoot! Good luck!


  1. Hello, just commenting to find out if you're still taking submissions for this?


  2. I was wondering the same thing ;) Is this project still happening or has it happened or what's the status?